Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Everything's Coming Up Roses

When we first looked at our house, it was mid-December. It was February when we moved in. Since we live in the NW corner of the state, that means the whole world is pretty much blanketed under three feet of snow from November to March.

Needless to say, we had no idea what the yard looked like. We were hoping there was more than a scraggly patch of dirt under all that snow.

We were in luck, because once the snow melted, we discovered that the previous owners had done an amazing job of landscaping. And we are greatly enjoying the fruits of their labors!

I am now that crazy lady in the neighborhood who is out wandering around the yard, peering closely at plants on a regular basis (sometimes with my camera in hand). Every time people come over, I point out some new, beautiful plant, and ask them if they know what it is.

So far, we've discovered lilacs, lilies, hostas, hydrangeas, hibiscus, and about ten or fifteen other beautiful flowering plants and bushes that I cannot name.

And this week? Roses. Unbelievable hot pink roses.

Coupled with the raised garden bed full of veggies that we built and planted, you'd think I have a green thumb! In the past, that hasn't been the case, but I'm hoping this summer to keep at least a few of these things alive!

Once the garden starts blooming, I'll have pictures of that (and the awesome garden bed my husband built me).

In other house news, we've been doing projects like crazy! The kitchen cabinets are painted, with all new hardware. The kitchen and dining room walls are done (textured and painted). A few light fixtures have been switched out. The wallpaper in the living room is gone. The glue is scraped off the paneling, and new paint colors have been applied! I've even gotten some art work hung, so I'd call that progress!

For some reason, taking pictures and writing posts about that has seemed overwhelming...we're too busy hanging out in the yard! Hopefully soon I'll have something to show for all the work we've been doing.

Until then, happy summer!

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Lindsay said...

Sounds beautiful, Linds. Miss you so much.

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