Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To Paint or Not To Paint - I Need Your Opinion!

So, I'm considering my first big "remodel" project on the new house. I was totally sure of my plan, but now I'm getting cold feet, because once I start, there's no turning back.

I'm thinking about painting the brick on this fireplace:

**Look closely, you'll see a tiny glimpse of the gorgeous floor that my hardworking husband just put in!

Now, before any of you gasp, and go "you can't do that!" (which is what both my mom and grandma did when I mentioned it), check out these two blog posts, which have been my inspiration:

Young House Love - How to Paint a Brick Fireplace

The Lettered Cottage - My $82 Fireplace Makeover

Gorgeous, right? I think it would be a major improvement. I like brick, I'm just not crazy about it in this room.

I've got big plans for this room, and it's going to be a little bit funky. I've got a red sofa, and a crazy, colorful floral chair that should be arriving in the next couple of weeks. I'm thinking of going way out on a limb and painting the wall around the fireplace this color:

With a red couch, I know that's a little out there, but my chair has both red and turquoise in it, so it will all make sense when I'm done. I hope.

If I do paint it, it will be kind of a soft white color. Basic, but nothing too bright. I'm thinking of using one of the colors below. Can you tell the difference? I nearly went blind at the hardware store yesterday as I looked at 400 different shades of white. Sheesh!

So anyway, I need some encouragement. Share your opinion: should I leave it, or should I paint it?


Arabiancowgirl said...

I think your fireplace is BEAUTIFUL!! I think it is much more beautiful, than the pics in the other blogs. Good Luck on your decision. :) :)

jenica said...

Hey! It's fun to see your new house! I hope you all are adjusting to your new life...even though we wish you were still here.

Yikes, this is tough. I love you inspirations, especially the let. cot. But there is something I like about this brick. The vents pose a bit of a problem, I think. The paint color you have picked for the walls would be too much if you kept the brick... I like the white with the brick. Maybe some earthy decor on the mantel.
Oh goodness, do what you want! I think either way will look lovely.
Welp, I'm NO help.

Joanna said...

I say paint it.

.Beloved said...

I would say paint it.

Marti said...

If anyone can do it...you can! Go for it!

Jen said...

Definitely PAINT IT!!

And I love the color you are thinking about painting your walls. Looking forward to seeing the finished project.

Erica Tuns said...

Personally, I prefer natural brick to painted, but I also prefer natural woodwork over painted, and I know that leaves me in the minority sometimes. What about painting the mantel and the stone hearth bench thing to unify and simplify the look? Live with it for awhile and see if you still want to paint the brick. Also, I liked the idea the one example had of a painted wooden facade in front of the brick. Perhaps you could try something like that without having to bite the bullet of painting the brick (which, as you said, is hard to go back on). What about cute little bookshelves on either side in front of the brick to hide some of it? Just trying to think of alternatives in case you want some. I really do think your brick is beautiful.

Jessica said...

Paint that sucker.

nick&abby said...

paint it!

Karen said...

I say re-grout it with something cleaner looking and buff off the colored parts on the brick! It'll brighten it up and leave it natural and elegant too.

Jennifer said...

I say paint of enclose in wood. I loved the second blog where the fireplace was enclosed. I think the red brick would not work for the look you are going for. Too country.

Love ya and miss ya,

Anonymous said...

I say Paint it!! You have an eye for decorating and it will look absolutely beautiful when you are done! Ash

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