Friday, February 4, 2011

Reflections from the Road

Welcome to our new neighborhood.

Well, okay, maybe we don't exactly live in a cornfield, but there sure are a lot of them around here!

Macieo and I drove up to our new town last night, and I've got to say, I'm a little out of practice at rural driving. I'm a pretty confident driver, but windy, ice covered, unfamiliar Iowa roads in the dark will have even me gripping the steering wheel with both hands!

I love hearing things from Macieo about what he thinks moving to a small town will be like. Sometimes his questions make me laugh. Other times, they make me realize that there are going to be a lot of really good things about this.

Macieo (while pointing to the sun as it was setting): "Mom, living in the country is going to be awesome. Just look at that!"

Macieo: "Mom, I'm really glad we're moving to a small town. I don't really like cities, they are loud and noisy and you don't get any sleep and you can't see any stars. Look at all the stars out here. It's just so much more beautiful."

Macieo (when we stopped at a Casey's): "Mom, why are there so many people here? It's just a gas station." In this particular town, it was the ONLY place open at 7 PM on a Thursday, besides a couple of shady looking bars. It was PACKED. Everyone wanted pizza.

Macieo: "Mom, what's that smell?"
"That smell" is pigs and cows, and the particular, unpleasant aroma that accompanies living in their vicinity. Up here, hogs and cattle outnumber people by ten to one (or twenty to one...). I've been assured by numerous people that eventually, we won't even notice the smell. :)

We closed on our house this morning, and I couldn't be more excited. It is a GREAT house. We don't take possession until tomorrow morning, and I can hardly wait. I've only seen it once, so I'm hoping it's as great as I remember it.

The people we bought it from seem really sweet. We met them at the closing, and found out they have owned it since it was built in the sixties. I was shocked...I would never have guessed that the original owners were still living in it. You could tell she was sad to be selling it, but we assured her we'd take good care of it.

We went to Menards today (it took us just under an hour to get there!) and bought some new flooring. In the next few weeks, we'll find out just how handy we are as we attempt to install 800+ square feet of laminate. Thankfully, the bulk of that burden will fall to Nate.

Like I said, we love to the house, but there are quite a few things I'm excited to change. After the walk through tomorrow, our big plan is to tear our carpet that looks a lot like this:
And replace it with something that looks like this:
I think it will be a vast improvement, especially considering the fact that I have a bright red sofa. Yikes.

Today was full of, lawyer, real estate closing, "enrolling" Macieo in a school district (we're homeschooling). We got all the nuts and bolts out of the way.

We did discover a few happy things along that way. The highlight of my day? There is a charming little coffee/wine bar in our town. They serve yummy soup and sandwiches. And the best part? They have really good coffee. I was thrilled. Even my sweet husband was relieved. After we left, he said the following:

"I'm really glad there's a decent coffee shop here. I was a little worried that about what would happen to you if you couldn't get coffee."

Very funny.

My parents are coming up tomorrow, to visit my grandma (she lives near here), and we're going to meet them at this restaurant. It looks awesome. Considering the fact that the thing I'm going to miss most about the city is all of the good restaurants, I'm feeling encouraged :)

All in all, it was a good first weekend. Now, we go home, and wait for the movers to come. Only two more weeks, and we'll be calling this home for good!

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