Monday, February 28, 2011

One Thing Always Leads to Another

Well, as usual, I'm having a terrible time making up my mind. I SO apprecited everyone's comments about my fireplace painting question. I was pretty sure I'd be painting it (and am pretty sure I still will), but I was surprised at how many people voted for me to leave it.

I actually started to consider it. I know for sure I'll hold off on it for a little while, at least. I figure I should live with it for awhile before I do something drastic that I can't undo. But every time I look at it, I still feel the desire to paint it. We'll see.

One thing that all this "reconsidering" did was cause me to totally rearrange all the furniture in the living room and family room. I know. We've only lived here a week. My husband was thrilled.

But that means that the room with the fireplace now has neutral furniture, and lot of beiges and whites (it's not as boring as it sounds, I promise). And the red couch has been relocated to the front living room, where it is still awaiting its flowered chair.

So obviously, the wall around the fireplace is not turquoise, although I did paint it. The office/homeschool room became turquoise. The family room is taupe. Do you follow? Neither did my husband. He's surprised every day when he comes home, because I've done something totally opposite of what I was planning. What can I say?

Anyway, things are still VERY rough (we have no trim in the family room, no curtains or blinds...hello, neighbors!...still haven't even put up the outlet covers), but I'm hoping to post pictures sometime this week. So far, I like the result. It's been a lot of work. I think those whole house renovation/redecorating thing might go a little slower than I had originally planned.

On a negative note, we started removing some wallpaper in other rooms, and have discovered that NONE of the walls in our house are made of drywall. I'm not entirely sure what they're made of. It's not drywall, it's not plaster, it's not paneling (although we do have that in some rooms). A friend suggested that it might be cement board.

All I know is that it's ugly. And not textured, so therefore not paintable, at least not as is. The family room (which was a later addition to the house) had untextured and damaged drywall, so we had a painter come in and spray it with texture before we painted. It was EXPENSIVE. And now we're looking at having to do that to EVERY wall in the house. That's definitely not in our budget at this point, so we're trying to come up with some alternatives. Anyone have any suggestions? I'd love to hear them!

For now, we'll take it one project at a time :)

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