Saturday, February 12, 2011


Before we can DO the things we want in the new house, we have to UNDO the things we don't want. We've got a long list of projects, and are attempting to complete a few before Macieo and I officially move in.

We like to force our child to do extreme manual labor as often as possible :) Actually, he was super excited to help with this job. What kid doesn't want to tear out things he's usually cautioned to be careful with?
I removed 14 valances from the house. Yes, we have a lot of windows (and some doorways...).

We also have a lot of cupboards (26 in the kitchen alone). That meant there was a lot of contact paper for me to remove.
And wouldn't you know it, our first day in the house, it snowed. So there was shoveling to be done as well.

But after a hard days work, we took a much needed pizza break.

(On a side note, we ate Casey's pizza twice while we were up there, and Macieo LOVED it. He said it's the best pizza he ever had, and he keeps telling everyone he's really excited because he's moving to a town where he can eat Casey's pizza! Little does he know, there's a Casey's down the street from our old house, we've just never eaten there!)

This all happened last weekend, and then we left Nate to finish the rest of the work himself (poor guy!). We're officially moving into the house on Thursday, and Nate has been BUSY trying to get things ready for us.

As you can see from the pictures, we have lots of wallpaper. Nate started removing some of it, and discovered it had been hung on the bare drywall when the family room addition was built on the back of the house. NOT GOOD. So, on top of tearing out the carpet and putting in the new floor, he's hiring drywallers to come repair and texture our walls.

Apparently there's no such thing as a "small" project. Have you seen this movie? Our house is far from "hopelessly dilapidated," (it's actually really nice, just outdated) but I feel a little bit like that right now :)

But, only a few more days until we're officially together as a family again (finally!). The movers come Monday, and then the real fun begins!


nick&abby said...

yay for house projects :)
I just had to tell you that this made me CRAVE Casey's pizza...
alas...California is lame-o in the pizza department:(
have fun re-doing the place and making it your own! :)

Pastor Chris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leah said...

I believe I was introduced to the Money Pit at a sleepover with Mandi and Sarah...good times.
Enjoy your new home and being close(r) to Grandma et al!
xo your cuz

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