Sunday, February 20, 2011

All Things New

Well, it's official. We're in the new house. And we're loving it!

It's completely trashed, as is to be expected, but I have high hopes that within the next few days, I'll at least have all the boxes emptied. I've been working non-stop for four days trying to unpack boxes. Considering the fact that we had a storage unit full of stuff (**junk), I find myself saying, "Why do we have this?" a lot.

Nate has been wondering the same thing for years.

So, aside from the fact that I have enough dishes to serve dinner to a group of 70 people, things are going well.

I have to take a moment to say that having professional movers do all the work for you in is the BEST THING EVER. Seriously. These three extremely nice guys show up at my house, pack every single piece of furniture and junk that I own, and two days later they drop it off at my new house. They take every box into the room that we instruct them to take it to. They put together all the furniture. AMAZING. I am now ruined forever. I can never move again unless I have movers doing the job for me.

The movers had to inventory absolutely everything they packed (add "mover" to the list of jobs I would NEVER want to do). Every box and piece of furniture was numbered, and marked with a red sticker. When we got to the new house, Macieo decided a good job for him would be to take off all the stickers. I'd say he was pretty thorough.

Macieo was such a trooper through the whole moving ordeal. We were planning on him doing half a day of school on Wednesday, so we could drive up to the new house that afternoon. But, wouldn't you know it, Tuesday night, he ended up with a fever of 103.5. So, he had to miss his very last day of school, and had to move while feeling terrible. But he rarely complained, and aside from a lingering cough, doesn't seem to be much worse for the wear.

As if moving isn't chaotic enough, the day we arrived, Nate was still working on installing the new flooring (which looks amazing, by the way...hopefully I'll be able to post pictures soon), and the painters had just finished texturing the walls. So in addition to all the boxes, I had a big, fat mess.

So on top of unpacking, we've been sawing, mopping, scraping, dusting and being totally overwhelmed at the amount of space we have, and the amount of work there is to do (in a good way). As soon as Nate finished the floor, he decided to tackle his first "demolition" project.
We really love our kitchen. It has a ton of space, and is laid out really well. Like most of the rooms, it needs a coat of paint and some wallpaper removal, but it has good "bones."

Expect for one cupboard that hangs over what would be the breakfast bar. It cuts off all view of the rest of the house when you're in the kitchen. And it's this weird "display" type on both sides, with frosted glass doors. I guess the idea is that you could showcase your collection of dishes (or something), but I'd rather be able to see the people sitting at the dining room table.

First, here's a picture of how the cupboard looked when we first saw the house:

As you can see, it completely closes off the kitchen. Here's a view from the other side (the cupboard in question in on the very left:

I walked in to the kitchen on Friday to find Nate, wielding a hammer, doing this:

And within a few minutes, voila! Goodbye horrible cupboard!

We are loving having the kitchen and dining room open. The only problem? Now there is major wall and ceiling work that needs to be done. We're not entirely sure when we'll get around to fixing this, so we may be living with the damaged walls for awhile. I'm sure this will be true of most of our projects :) We're not entirely sure what our plans for the kitchen are yet. We just knew we had to get rid of that cupboard!

So aside from a total mess, we're getting settled. After the first few nights, we're starting to remember where everything is. I made a major grocery run today, and have actually made dinner the last couple of nights. I'd call that an accomplishment!

The guest bed is all made up (amazingly, that's on of the most organized rooms in the house!), so stop by any time to visit!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Linds! Just an idea, but shelves or a "built" in bookshelf would be an idea for covering the "damaged" wall. It could go ceiling to counter...a place for your cookbooks! Ash

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