Monday, January 3, 2011

That 70's House (An Update)

Well, things are moving along with our plans to relocate to the middle of nowhere. Nate is already there and working, and is currently calling the cozy local Super 8 home. He's enjoying his job, and the people there. He comes home on the weekends, and is not enjoying his four hour commute.

On his first "official" day of work, he hit a deer on the drive up there, and smashed in the whole left side of our Toyota. Nothing says welcome to life in the country like a two-lane-highway encounter with a deer! He's currently having to climb into the car through the passenger door, since the drivers side door is smashed shut. I'm sure many a passerby has gotten a good laugh watching him do that!

We found a house in our new town, and have negotiated almost all of the details on the purchase. We're hoping to have our closing date set by the end of the week. As much as Nate loves his luxury accomodations, he's excited for us to join him up north!

As for the house, we are more than a little excited to trade in our townhome for a 3 bedroom ranch with a yard and a finished basement! The house itself has some great features (new roof, new furnace & A/C), but is a little outdated. Or a lot outdated (hence the title of this post). Think country blue, flouncy valances, floral wallpaper, and mauve carpet. Lucky for me, I've recently become a devotee of Young House Love, so I'm convinced I can overcome these tacky obstacles. There's nothing a five-gallon bucket of white paint won't fix, right? (okay....maybe the carpet...) I'm hoping to have lots of "before and after" pictures in the next few months. I'm investing in a good paint brush and a wallpaper steamer.

We're debating what to do about Macieo and school, since plunking him in a new school in the middle of the year will be more than a little challenging for him. Transition is hard for him, so we're exploring our options. We're seriously considering homeschooling him, at least through the end of second grade. That option scares me a little (me, a teacher?), but I think it would be really good for him. I guess we've got lots to pray about in that regard!

I'm trying to adjust my mindset, and get excited about life in a small town. I'm still lamenting the fact that I'll live 45 mintues from the nearest Starbucks. And it seems downright unfair that our exodus from the metro comes right on the heels of the opening of my long-awaited Trader Joes. But, some conveniences aside, I'm starting to get used to the idea of small town life. Nate has already starting making friends with some guys he's met, and I'm hoping that they have nice wives/girlfriends/sisters that I can get to know when I arrive.

While Nate is away, I'm keeping myself busy with the new iPad Nate surprised me with (make that SHOCKED me with) for Christmas. If I get bored while he's gone, I can always pass an hour or two beating my record on Fruit Ninja. Who knew 99 cent apps could be so entertaining!

Not much else to say right now. Hopefully we'll be headed north within the next month. I'm sure I'll have lots to share once we arrive!


Joanna said...

Can't wait to see some pics of the house and what you do with it!
We have a steamer you can borrow if you want. It's not really a wallpaper steamer, but it could work, I think.

Angela said...

Sounds like you have some exciting adjustments awaiting you! New beginnings can be such a blessing. :-)

Leah said...

Chris loves Fruit Ninja (although we don't have anything to play it on--we have to borrow my SIL's fiancee's phone for that!). Where in NW Iowa are you moving, pray tell?? Blessings on all your prep and moving--I'll be thinking of you!

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