Friday, October 29, 2010

Never Say Never

When Nate and I were dating, and talking about getting married, I was very clear with him on one MINOR little opinion I had about our future.

Nate grew up in a tiny town in eastern Iowa. Correction: Nate grew up in the COUNTRY, outside a tiny town in eastern Iowa. And by tiny, I mean population 500. I'm not exaggerating here.

I grew up primarily in the Des Moines area. My graduating class had more than 500 people.


So I very graciously and tactfully (or maybe abrasively and vehemently) said the following to him during one of our conversations.

"I will NEVER live in a small town. NEVER. So if we're going to get married, you have to promise that we won't ever have to move back to your hometown."

He assured me he had no plans to move home and take over his dad's businesses (sorry, Greg), so we were able to put that behind us and move forward with our plans for the future.

Fast forward about 8 years....

Nate got a job offer from his company that would be perfect for him. It's a promotion. It's a really unique opportunity. It's perfect for him.

It's in rural NW Iowa.

He's taking the job.

The Pritchard's are moving to small town Iowa, sometime in the not so distant future.


Yeah, me too.

I guess when I said I'd NEVER live in a small town, I wasn't specific enough :)

But this is a really great opportunity for Nate, and we're excited about a new beginning, however scary it may be.

I'm choosing to look at this as an adventure. Let the adventure begin...


Beth said...

That's why we never say never! I'm sad, but also very excited for the next chapter in your life!

Katie said...

As someone who is from a small town here are the things I miss
1. When you go to the grocery store they know your name
2. When you pass people on the road they wave with the their index finger...this is done by simply sticking it up while you are holding onto the wheel
3. Prom is done in the have to get creative to decorate it4. Small little shops that carry one of a kind gifts
5. Everyone has a dog
6. Going to the post office is a 3 minute trip.
7. Your kids can ride their bikes all over town
8. You can buy the nicest house in town for 150K
9. Trips to DSM to shop are extra therapeutic.
10. You can give directions by telling people to turn either left of right at the Casey's
:) Enjoy your new chapter--katie

Joanna said...

Excited for you guys!! We'll be praying that the transition goes smoothly for all of you.

Jennifer said...

Katie made some great points. I've been in a small town in NW Iowa for over a year now, and I love it. We moved here from the metro Oklahoma City area so it definitely took some getting used to, but I can't imagine us living anywhere else now.

Good luck with the move!

Angela said...

I'd like to re-define "tiny" for you. I grew up in the country just outside of a town with population 40. Tiny. :-) Although I don't desire to move back there, I have to agree with Katie in all the points she listed. I especially miss the finger wave. :-) May God bless you in your new beginning!

Love in Christ,

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