Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hiking, Hairnets & A Whole Lot of Wildlife

Earlier this month, we took a last minute vacation to Colorado. We had said that if Baby B ended up going home, we were going on a vacation. And boy, did we need it! It was great to just get away as a family of three for a few days!

Yes, we pulled Macieo out of school. And while school is important, it was well worth it, because family is MORE important! We randomly chose the dates of our trip based on the our crazy schedule. It was, literally, the only week this fall that we felt like we could get away. And you know what, it was PERFECT. I was worried we might have missed the beauty of fall, but we timed it just right. I highly recommend Colorado in mid-October!

The aspen trees were incredible. That gorgeous gold color, against a clear blue sky, literally takes your breath away.

We spent a couple of days driving/hiking/experiencing Rocky Mountain National Park. If you've never been, I nighly recommend it. I grew up skiing, and have seen a lot of beautiful mountain views, but this was incredible!

We visited an area at the very top of the park where the landscape is considered "arctic tundra." It was beautiful, but it was COLD! We had a picnic at the bottom of the park, and it was 72 degrees. Then we drove up to the highest point of elevation, and faced freezing cold, hurrican force winds. It was bleak. We climbed to the top of these rocks, and had a 360 degree view of the Rockies.

We saw a TON of wildlife. While there are many signs telling you NOT to approach the wildlife, Macieo couldn't help making nice with one furry friend.

This type of bluejay was EVERYWHERE. Very cool.

There were elk everywhere we turned. We even got stuck in a half hour traffic jam caused by a herd of about 5o elk, trying to cross the road!

Even in Estes Park, where we stayed, the elk were everywhere.

About 100 feet from our condo, this was our view. Much to my delight, there was a Starbucks with a charming little patio right on this river. I spent all my mornings here, reading, gazing at this:

We kept busy riding horses,

hiking the trails,

and taking in the view.
We spent a day in the charming city of Boulder, where Macieo found a fun place to do some urban climbing.
We toured the Celestial Seasonings tea factory. Yes, we had to wear hairnets. Sadly, this is the only picture from the entire trip that includes all three of us!
All in all, it was a wonderful week. We are so thankful that we were able to carve out some time to spend together as a family. While we've taken a few weekend trips (Omaha Zoo, Minneapolis, Wisconsin Dells), this was Macieo's first "official" family vacation. And it won't be the last!


Leah said...

glorious photos!! love the hairnets, too.

jenica said...

Hey! Awesome pics - you must have taken a photography class or something? ;) Glad you were able to get away.

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