Wednesday, March 3, 2010

If You Didn't Already Know...

Men and women are different.

Sometimes I can tell my husband is listening attentively to whatever I'm saying. But if quizzed him after I was done talking, he still would have no idea what I said. It's not that he didn't listen. It's that his brain seems to compute differently than mine, and the words go in one way and come out totally another.

I think it must be a male trait, because this happens a lot with my son, too.

And sometimes, things that seem "obvious" to me, just aren't obvious to him.

Here's a few examples for you...

This weekend, we went to Minneapolis for my best friend's wedding. I was the maid of honor, and Macieo was the ring bearer. Baby B stayed home.

I was busy all day with my BFF of the bride duties, so Nate's job was to get Macieo ready for pictures. I emphasized that they both had to be dressed, in IRONED clothes, at 5:30. He was totally on the ball and was a huge help with everything, and I knew he'd be ready on time, so I wasn't worried.

As a side note, Macieo was wearing one of those dress pants/dress shirt/vest/tie combos that you buy at Kohl's. It comes as a set, and it's on the inexpensive side. The materials is pretty cheap, but they look cute.

So I'm at the salon with the bride, at about 4:30 (remember, we need to be ready at 5:30) and the following phone call takes place:

My cell phone rings:

Me: Hi babe.
Him: Ummm...we have a problem.
Me: What?
Him: Well, I was ironing Macieo's pants...
Me: You ironed the pants? I only wanted you to iron the shirt.
Him: Well, the pants were wrinkled too.
Me: But those pants are such a cheap material, I don't know if you can even iron them.
Him: Yeah, that's kind of the problem. I ironed a hole in them.
Me: WHAT!?!??! (The bride is sitting next to me. This does not do anything to calm her nerves)
Him: Yeah. There's a three inch hole in one of the knees.
Me: What!! What have you done!?!?!
Him: They were wrinkled!!
Me: You are going to fix this. I don't know how, but you're going to. I cannot believe this.
Him: I know. I will. How was I supposed to know they'd melt! You didn't tell me not to iron the pants!
Me: Sorry, that part seemed obvious. Did the tag actually say you could iron them with a hot iron?
Him: Tag? What tag?

Seriously people. ONE HOUR before the ceremony. But, he redeemed himself by finding the nearest Kohl's, buying new pants, and being ready on time. Whew!

Another example:

There was a dessert in the fridge that had been there for two weeks. One of it's primary ingredients was cream cheese.

Him: Do you think this is still good?
Me: I doubt it. I probably wouldn't eat it.
Him: Silence.

I see him put some in a bowl, and walk over to me, eating it. Then he quickly walks back to the kitchen where I watch him dump it in the trash.

Me: Not good?
Him: Not unless this dessert is supposed to taste like deviled eggs.

Sometimes my husband cracks me up. To me, it was obvious not to iron the cheap pants. It was obvious that a two week old dairy dessert probably shouldn't be eaten.

But I have to remind myself we don't speak the same language. And that's what makes life interesting.

I love my husband :)


Nick&Abby Flies said...

cracking me up right now :)

Lindsay said...

Very funny!!

Shelene said...

Such a great reminder that we really are different. Thanks for helping me appreciate my hubby more today :)

Janel said...

Ha ha ha, that is hilarious! Tim told me the story from Nate's perspective but it was 10 times better from your perspective! :)

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