Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Mother Told Me

When I was registering for wedding gifts, my mother told me that I should register for china and formal flatware.

At the time, I was a college student living in a crummy apartment, and I had a hard time imagining that I'd ever have a use for china and formal flatware.

She said I'd be thankful to have it when I was older.

We compromised. I didn't register for fancy china, but I did pick out some gorgeous, shiny, overpriced flatware.

I've been married six and a half years, and up until a week ago, I had never taken it out of the velvet lined wooden box that I keep it in.
I spontaneously decided to have a dinner party last weekend, and invited over a few girlfriends. Since I finally have a dining room table that seats more than four, I decided to go all out and "set" the table. And I finally pulled out that fancy flatware! I guess that means, sadly, that I must be "older" now :)

We definitely need to do it again soon! I've got six years of flatware non-use to make up for!

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Nick&Abby Flies said...

Ooh..I love the place settings...nice work! :)

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