Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Family Room - Before & After

Redecorating at our new house has been a slow process. Part of it has been lack of motivation (there's nothing that I hate more than painting). Another part has been the fact that every job I start turns into a big project. Stripping wallpaper leads to repairing mildewy walls which leads to retexturing drywall. I'm making friends with the staff at our local Menards.

We painted the family room this summer, but are just finally starting to "settle" into it with some new furniture, etc. It's definitely still a work in progress!

I forgot to take a "before" photo until after I had already moved out all the furniture to start the painting. Here it is with spongepainted peach walls and our old red couch (not a good combo...)

Full of random, mismatched stuff.

Sampling colors to find just the right shade of green.

My super cute helper. He actually spent two hours painting this wall!

My view was obscured by the bookshelf, and I didn't see his masterpiece until he had finished it. I was sure surprised!

And the (semi) finished project! Still a random mix of things, but looking a little better!

This was definitely a bargain project. I needed six panels to cover the windows, which is not a small task to do on the cheap! I found these thermal-lined faux silk panels at Tuesday morning, and they were a bargain!
I was getting tired of my red couch (it's now in the living room), and I found this one on Craigs List! The lady had just purchased it and it didn't fit in her apartment. I don't know if navy blue would have been my first choice, but it was a steal!
The camel colored chair and ottoman in the corner were in my parents first house. They're actually older than I am. Not the cutest thing in the world, but SO comfy! A friend of ours refers to it as the pumpkin :)
The one item I splurged on back when we moved into our old house. Ahhh...Pottery Barn, I love you. I miss my employee discount.

I fell in love with this Amy Butler fabric I found on Etsy, and was excited to discover they carried it at a store in West Des Moines. Right now, it's just thrown over the back of the couch, but as soon as I get motivated it will likely become pillows.
We've also been at work on the kitchen and the master bath, so hopefully I'll have more pictures to share soon!


Bambina Babe said...

Linds, it looks great! It's fun to see what your house looks like. Maybe someday I can stop by and see it for real. :)

Shelene said...

Beautiful! You're doing a great job with your new home. :) I love it!

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