Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow...?

I promised to post a few photos of our blooming yard. I don't have any of the vegetable garden I put in last weekend (which, by the way, was a LOT of work...who knew?) but I have some of the perennials that are coming up all over the place. Thanks to our sweet next door neighbor, I know the name of a few of these flowers. Some are still a mystery to me :)

No idea what this one is....
Lily of the Valley in the front. Behind that are day lilies that have yet to bloom.


No idea, but again, very cool...


And this one...not so sure. Someone told me it was a type of weed? I don't know...I think it's pretty...

PETUNIAS!! I KNOW this one!! (Okay, maybe that's because I bought them at Home Depot...)

My favorite spot in the yard. Don't you just want to curl up on that bench with a cup of coffee and a good book?

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