Friday, December 12, 2008

So easy, even a baby can do it!

My in-laws recently had a stroke of genius when they surprised us all by purchasing a Wii. They live in a small town with a backyard that borders a cornfield, so there's not always a lot to do in Stanwood. Between mom, dad, sisters, brother, spouses, aunt, cousins, nieces, nephews...
throw in a few inches of snow and after a few days, we've all got cabin fever...especially the kids.
Enter the Wii. It's pure genius. Not only is entertaining for ALL ages to play, it's fun to grab a comfy spot on the couch and watch as Aunt Carol attempts to challenge my husband to a few rounds of Wii boxing or as Cameron takes on Grandma Linda in a game of tennis. Hilarious. Entertainment this good is priceless.

What's even more priceless...all of my nieces and nephews get involved. Keep in mind that the youngest is only 20 months old. What could be funnier than watching two toddlers attempt to knock one another out in Wii boxing?

Elena & William go head-to-head. I'm not sure she quite grasped the concept as she's not really facing the TV.
Finally! They seem to be getting serious about this...

And, just because they're adorable, here are my nieces, entertaining us with a show where they sang 79 rounds of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." And don't be fooled...this was a real show. We had to pay ten cents each to get in.
Elena was less than thrilled to be excluded from the girls sing-along. She was forced to be a spectator at the event instead.

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